Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Um, hi. Yeah. How's it going? I've decided that since I spend as much of my work day as possible reading other people's blogs, perhaps I should just go ahead and write a little something myself. Mostly, I get a little obsessed reading Amalah and Miss Doxie and Ampersand and Sundry, and aspire to make people just a little obsessed with me, as well.
I'm a recruiter, which basically means I try to snag the best and brightest people to come and work for the clients for which I recruit. There is lots of paperwork, lots of meetings, lots of schmoozing, and it can be incredibly exhausting. I live in Santa Barbara, which I love, and came here by way of San Diego by way of Washington, DC by way of Pittsburgh. I miss DC the most and fantasize about dragging my solidly west coast boyfriend back there someday, but I've been spoiled by the ocean and the breeze and all that is right with the world here in SB. The Peanut and I live by the beach, and don't take advantage of it nearly as much as we should. Peanut is a photographer and steals off to take pretty pictures at the beach far more than I make it the two blocks down there, but I guess it's the idea that we live so close, yes?
I am off to Spinning momentarily, and am quite sad about it. I am not one of those people who get high from exercise, you know? Those people who leave a class all shiny and smiling and grateful. No, that is not I. I am usually fairly bitter at the end of the class, and am having elaborate fantasies about eviscerating the instructor during the class. But alas, I am off.


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