Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Office Space

I've decided that I need to come up with more reasons to close my office door, for, you know, the whole day. Office is an open door kind of Office, complete with "suggestions" by upper management that solidarity will abound if we all just keep our doors open. Today I had a project that validly required me to close the door, and it was glorious. There were no interruptions, no unavoidable eaves dropping of cat fights, nothing. Just lovely, lovely silence. I have an office mate, and she is also a fan of the closed door, so we've decided to make it so. Make it necessary to keep out the common folk, the mouth breathers, the, uh, office dwellers. I'll keep you posted on our progress.
This weekend is the big Fiesta weekend here in Santa Barbara. It's supposed to be a celebration of the Mexican culture and history in the city, but really it's an excuse for every single bar, club and restaurant to have an exorbitant cover charge, and/or waiting lists to get in. All the UCSB kids invite all of their out of town friends to come to town on Fiesta weekend, thereby clogging the streets and fucking up the right of the locals to drink and eat peaceably. It is madness. The Peanut and I will either get out of Dodge for a day or two, or hide out in someone's house, lamenting about the ruin that is Fiesta. Viva la Fiesta my ass.


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Nobody likes mouth breathers.

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