Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Damn you to hell, Kate Spade

Last week I bought these super snazzy and pretty and fabulous Kate Spade sunglasses. I had visions of myself looking oh-so-stylish in them, and even thought about an outfit or two that would be particularly accessorized by Ms. Spade. The little hitch that I glossed over in these fantasies is that I totally can't see without my glasses, so said sunglasses would have to have my prescription inserted, otherwise I'd be flailing around blindly on foot and mowing down many a passers-by in my car. So I call my optometrist, whom I love love love, to discuss the prescription insertion, only to find that they've stopped accepting my insurance. Fuck. Me. The only place in the whole of Santa Barbara that now accepts my ghetto ass vision insurance is Costco. Now, I can totally get behind Costco for many things. Toilet paper, for example. Big ass tent for $70? Sounds fab. Plus, food samples? Love it. But the mumu-wearing glasses lady at Costco should burn a long, slow death in hell. Did I mention she had a mullet? You just don't see a lot of mullets around these parts, so that in itself was notable. She declared my glasses "trendy" and "like something Britney Spears would wear" and "there's no way you'll find anyone to make those things into prescription sunglasses". That sounds like a challenge to me, Mumu. So I called my old optometrist (props to Dr. Faucett!), and he can take care of it for me toot sweet, though I'm paying almost as much to have the prescription inserted as I paid for the glasses, instead of this shit being free at Costco.
Do you think this is what Kerry has in mind when he talks about health care reform? If so, that shit is resonating with me.


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