Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Is it 5 yet?

I am really just too excited to go home in exactly one hour and eight minutes. I haven't gone straight home from work in well over a week, and I am fucking exhausted. Plus, we were out of town this past weekend, so I wasn't around to clean my house or buy groceries or really do anything productive at all, and the touch of OCD in me is coming out as I sit here at my desk and go just a little crazy thinking about the mess that is my house. About a week ago, the Peanut and I decided that we really needed to clean out our bedroom. Specifically, we needed to do something with the giant pile of crap that our bedroom closet had become. We spent about five hours sorting through clothes and shoes and computer stuff and camera stuff, and made quite a bit of progress. However. That progress made it just about out to the living room, where various piles of, just, stuff are currently sitting, waiting to have something, anything, done with them. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed just thinking about it, but yet strangely calm knowing that hour and two minutes, I will be at home, doing something with the piles. JR and Susan have spent the better part of the day trying to convince me that perhaps a shopping trip to Ventura (we really have no chain stores in SB, like Target or Old Navy or anything, really, so occasionally there is a trip down south to visit said stores) would be far more fun than cleaning, but I am holding strong. Also, once I've gotten my house under control, I can then make a delicious and nutritious meal and not have a Pizookie at BJ's instead, which I know is what the girls have planned after a hard evening of shopping. I should also make note that JR and Susan successfully convinced me on Monday that I should not go to the grocery store or go home and clean, but rather I should hang out and be silly and watch 13 Going on 30, which I totally succumbed to. Fucking peer pressure.
How fabulous is it that this weekend is a glorious three day weekend? Pretty fabulous, I think. I plan to drink some wine and be outside and read a bit and see a few movies, and lots of other things that I haven't thought of just yet.
I just found out that I have to go to San Francisco for a conference next month, and of course the first thing I did was to make reservations at First Crush, which is seriously one of my favorite restaurants in the whole world. The Peanut and I ate there a few months back with K and J, who have recently abandoned us to buy a fabulous house and dog in Seattle, but I digress. We were in town for a wine festival (one that ended in such drunken debauchery that we shall never speak of it. J passed out in the elevator? I'm looking at you, buddy) and ate at First Crush, and I've never had such perfect, perfect scallops before, ever. Ever. And the cheese plate was ridiculous, and I can't even talk about the wine. In any case, I've convinced my officemate, who will be going to the conference with me, that we should go up a day early and eat there and be happy. So, yah.
I cannot believe that it is not time to go home yet. Goddamn it.


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