Tuesday, September 14, 2004

It's totally not fun to be an adult

I really need to get myself a financial advisor. Or something. I've come to this conclusion this morning while sending out my monthly bills, and finding that I have to rummage through too much crap on my desk (why yes, I do take care of my household bills while at work) to even find my bills, and then I have to check my day planner for any reminders of online payments, and then I have to, you know, balance my checkbook. It is all far too much for me to handle anymore. It doesn't help that the Peanut has delegated (and when I say delegated, I mean he doesn't do it so I do) the bill paying to me entirely. I don't think he's written a check for himself in at least two or three years. We've finally decided to take that step and get a joint bank account, since I sometimes fail on the coordination of what bills were paid with whose account, so perhaps some of the burden will be lifted, but Jesus Christ. Too. Much.

I'm also trying to coordinate our Las Vegas trip, which has its tricky pitfalls. This trip is going to be a surprise birthday celebration for our friend Big D, who is turning 30 on Halloween weekend, and he doesn't know a thing about it. There has been much secret planning between JR (Big D's woman) and I, because we'll be picking him up at work that Friday and whisking him off to Vegas to meet up with about thirty friends. So there is the planning of the flights, and talking to Big D's boss about picking him up early from work that day, and finding the best group rate at a not-ghetto hotel (probably here) and confirming who is going and when they are arriving. There is also the important factor of what we will be doing for costumes on Saturday. I actually haven't dressed up for Halloween since college, but the concept of flappers has come up, and that intrigues me. So we shall see. It will be a hoot once we are there, but it is giving me such the headache in the planning stages. Come to think of it, it's going to be a crazy few weeks, because the week before Vegas I'll be in San Francisco for a conference, and then three days after Vegas I'm going back East for a family reunion. The Peanut and I are kind of bummed about where we are staying in Vegas, because each time we go we tend to try someplace new, and we had grand plans of staying here, and more specifically at their new tower, THEhotel, on this trip.

My car's emergency brake light has been on for, oh, I don't know, three months? I've done my best to ignore it, because that's how I am with my car, but recently I've been thinking how much it would suck if my brakes decided to stop working while I'm going 80 on the freeway. Also? There's this obnoxious squeaking noise when I drive. I took it in to a mechanic this morning, and am now waiting to hear the damage. I'm kind of afraid. What if it's thousands of dollars? What if I've waited so long that it's beyond repair? I think I'm probably being a little overly dramatic, but these sorts of things freak me out. And I just don't think it's fair to have to spend money on things like car maintenance. As I shared with Amalah today, I am far more comfortable buying expensive purses. Alas, we shall see.


Blogger Rude Cactus said...

The emergency brake stayed on in my last car for, well, about three years. The brake itself still worked so it was okay, right?

I agree with you - being an adult is not fun. My wife (bless her) is stuck with the bills because I am fiscally irresponsible (which is a nice way of saying that I suck with money). She also ends up planning most of our trips because I am bad at that as well.

Basically, all told, being an adult is not fun and neither, apparently, is living with me. Really I didn't come off so hot here.

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