Friday, September 10, 2004

Root canals and LSD, all in one neat little entry

So it has been just a fabulous week here around Chez Ameliorate. I started to get a bit of a toothache on Sunday while attending a sweltering-but-fun hat party. I popped a few Aleve and had some more wine, but the toothache, she persisted. By Monday it was an all consuming pain, complete with me in the fetal position on the living room floor, crying and wishing for sudden death. I called my dentist Tuesday morning and told her that I needed a root canal (because this very thing happened to me on Memorial Day weekend, as well, and that turned into a root canal), and she told me that I had already "used up" my dental insurance for the year, and that it would be $1400. Umm, yeah. I work for a health care company, and I seriously have the worst dental insurance ever. Ever. The Peanut, because he is awesome and loves me ever so much, said he would front me the money, and then I had to wait two more days before Dr. P could fit me in for an appointment. People, these were the worst two days ever. Apparently, my ever-aging body decided that it would allow no pain killer to both kill the pain and prevent me from vomiting up everything I had ever eaten. I tried Darvocet, Vicodin and Vioxx (which made me immediately suspicious because of the two x's at the end), and all of them made me incredibly pukey, while not really making the pain go away. There was an ugly scene at the pharmacy when I didn't think the pharmacist was moving quickly enough to fill my prescription, and I really should pop in there and apologize, but what can ya do? When I finally got into Dr. P's chair, she found that I had an abscess in my jaw bone. That is such bad news to hear. She gave me the root canal along with a stern warning to never, ever wait this long again to take care of a cavity (which I really, really do plan to heed) and a nice dose of antibiotics. Ugh.
Before the tooth fiasco, I did manage to see both Garden State and Napoleon Dynamite, both of which I thoroughly enjoyed. Well, Garden State I loved, loved, loved, and I love Zach Braff and I love the soundtrack and well, just, love. Napoleon Dynamite made me laugh out loud and is so ridiculous and silly that everyone should see it. I then watched Raising Victor Vargas, Laurel Canyon and House of Yes in the comfort of my own home. Thanks so much, Netflix. All three movies had a kind of slow meandering pace, which I tend to like, but I couldn't quite get passed the repeated appearance of Tori Spelling in House of Yes. It just didn't sit well with me. JR and I went to Spinning Sunday morning, and then had the Best Trader Joe's Experience Ever. You know how sometimes you go to the grocery store and you find the best stuff? Or when you go and find everything you need? Or when you go and everyone is friendly and it's not crowded and it is just plain pleasant? Our trip was all of these things and more. Maybe all of the planets were aligned or something, I don't know. It went really well, though.
This weekend the Peanut and I will be checking out a new restaurant here in town, Quantum. It is supposed to be fabulous, and we were unable to get in there last Friday night, so wish us luck tonight.
Oh, and for anyone playing along? I found out last week that the Peanut's mom moved to London in the late 60's to participate in a cult that used LSD therapy, and she underwent 50 or 60 episodes. This explains so very, very much about his mother.


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Oh my poor poor, Heather!!! I am so sorry about your tooth. That is AWFUL. I can't believe it happened again. On your behalf, I am very bitter about your shit dental insurance. I'm glad you're feeling better now. And also I will be making you a dentist appointment every 6 months just like I've been making one for Jeremiah and me.

P.S. Just looked up the Rhone Ranger's pirate cruise. I was imagining a booze cruise around the Bay with every one wearing an eye patch and holding a bottle of Meeerlot or something like that. I am bummed that it's an actual week+ long cruise. So then I looked up the 27th annual seafood and wine cruise, which is also happening in February in Oregon. I vote we do that one. It's only $6-9 per day for admission rather than the pirate's treasure chest of $2878.

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