Friday, September 17, 2004

Wine. Woohoo!

Oh happy day. I've just made plans with the fabulous K and J for our second annual Harvest festival excursion. Harvest is this great thing that happens once a year here in Santa Barbara (actually in Santa Ynez) where about 10 gazillion wineries are represented, and there is food and music and general debauchery. Every time the four of us go to one of these wine events we have grand plans to be responsible this time. You know, hit every third or fourth winery and taste just one of the wines, instead of hitting every single blessed one until there is nothing left. I think last year we ended up tasting a few of the wines twice, just because we could. I will wisely choose a better color shirt to wear this year, as last year's pale pink did not fare so well, and the wonderful Wine Away? Doesn't work so well the third time you've spilled. This will be an especially good time, as K and J have recently moved back to Seattle, and I miss them, dammit. They are the friends who you can depend on when you call and say, "Hey, let's drink a few bottles of wine and go to a fabulously expensive restaurant tonight", because you know they will always be up for it. That makes me happy, and now I am sad because it is no more. Of course, now I have an excuse to go to Seattle and do much of the same there.
Speaking of wine, the Peanut and I are heading up to Santa Ynez tomorrow to do some tasting, and perhaps attend a birthday party for one of the winemakers. It should be a hoot. Tonight I'm having a pedicure at my favorite, favorite new spa. It is just so freakin fabulous I can't stand it. They have the best massaging chairs and a paraffin wax treatment that is to die, and giant flat screen TVs and the best magazines. I think I am in love.


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