Friday, February 25, 2005

Ya take the good, ya take the bad, ya take them both....

Well. I have been on death's doorstep all week, and it is only today that I'm able to walk to the bathroom from the couch without feeling like I had just run a marathon. I have bronchitis and the flu....who gets both at the same time? Me, apparently. I've basically spent the week swigging from my bottle of cough syrup with codeine (Mmmm. Codeine.), popping my anti-biotics and taking shots from the inhaler. While my family doctor kind of sucks and can never, ever fit me in for an appointment when I'm sick, the kind people at my local Urgent Care were quite fabulous, and I'm definitely feeling better. They even wrote me a note for my stupid office so that they could stop thinking that I was faking it. Ahem. Anyway. The Peanut has spent the better part of the week avoiding me, as he is super germ phobic. While he will gladly go to the store for me for popsicles and the like, he will not touch me, sleep in the same bed with me, or allow me to touch anything that he may in the future touch. I'm thinking of getting one of those plastic bubbles made popular in the seventies so as not to frighten him with the threat of my germs.
Luckily, I didn't get sick until I got on the plane to fly back home on Monday. I had the most amazing time in DC. Everything went as it was supposed to with the bachelorette, and my girls and I had a great time all around. Friday was a marathon shopping day, with the full bridal party. Friday night Shari and I headed back to the hotel after hanging out at Lesly and Jole's, and hit up a great little restaurant near our hotel. It was a chilly night, and we knew we'd found the place for dinner (at 10:30!) when we walked in and there was a fire in the fireplace and some blues playing and everyone seemed warm and happy. We had a nice meal, and sat at the bar with a glass of port and a smoke, chatting up the folks next to us. After we got back to the hotel we stayed up for hours, talking, talking, talking. Shari is my girl from college, and although we don't see each other often, we pick up right where we left off and don't miss a beat. There is always so much to catch up on, so much to say. The next day we slept late, went for sushi and sake in Dupont, then headed to Georgetown for a little more shopping. Can I tell you all how happy I was to see that there is now a shuttle from Dupont to Georgetown? Finally! I fell in love at Blue Mercury, and a little more in love at Lush. I found a pair of Kangaroos (Do you all remember 'Roos? The sneakers with the little zipper pocket on the side?) for my sister, for which she has been searching for years, literally. That was probably my best purchase all weekend. Saturday night was the big blowout, and it went so well. Dinner was great, with about 15 of us in attendance. We went to the lounge at Helix after that, and then on to the 18th Street Lounge, which was one of my old haunts when I lived in DC. My girl Alicia came down from NYC, and it was such a blast to hang out with her again after six years of not seeing her. Six years! Ugh. We ended up at a diner in Dupont at about 4am, and I'll tell you this for free: if Lesly didn't get enough bridal attention with her veil and entourage throughout the evening? She more than made up for it with 100 drunken gay men eating breakfast at 4 in the morning. Good times. We didn't get to bed until almost 7, but it was all so worth it. Sunday, Shari and I hit up the Front Page for brunch, and then she had to head to the airport. Lesly, Jole and I hung out on Sunday, ordered in some pizza and watched lots of bad tv. The perfect end to the perfect weekend. I think the best part is that I'll get to see all of these people again in a month for the wedding. That is awesome.


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I'm glad you had a good time while you were in town...and I'm glad youre back and posting. You were missed!:-)

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