Wednesday, January 26, 2005

A Little Bit Bitter. Is that so wrong?

So, much drama and craziness has been going on at Office (not to be confused with The Office, because, damn, my job just isn't that funny), so please do excuse me for the lengthy hiatus. It seems that my department just isn't showing enough intensity for my immediate manager's taste, even though I've been working my fingers to the bone and staying late and waking up at 3am and needing to make fucking to-do lists because I am so overwhelmed. Essentially, she feels that while said department is producing what we need to be producing, we're just not showing the intensity she wants to see. I guess I need to be shuffling more papers around and running, not walking, to the fax room, and perhaps I should cry in a meeting or two? Perhaps then I'll be showing the intensity she is requiring.

Um, do I sound bitter? Cause I am. For real, tho.

In any case, I'm just trying to stay away from the manager for a while, tuck in and do my job. I'm good at my job, dammit, and I don't like it when it is implied that I am not. Not that she would ever say that I'm not good at my job, but the fucking implication is there, you know? What is so ironic is that she is not so hot at her job. She has definite strongpoints, and she tries very hard, but the fact is, she has had no management experience heretofore. I have far more management experience than she (not that I'm going to point that out or anything but you know, she's seen my CV), so sometimes it pains me to see the mistakes she is making. Bah.

Let's talk about something good, shall we? For those of you in the Santa Barbara area, you'll be pleased to hear that Blue Bee is having one of their fabulous sales this weekend, and I plan on snagging a pair of Marc Jacobs shoes (or two. or three.) for 50% off, cause damn, that's cheap. If you wait until Sunday, they'll up the discount to 70%, but the lines can be out the door. It's a tiny store, after all. There also might be a pair of Pucci sandals in the future for me, because nothing says springtime like Pucci, no? The Peanut's best friend from San Diego is coming up this weekend, so perhaps there will be lots of girl time for me. When he and Rob get together, all they want to do is blab about cameras and computers, and take pictures and play with the pictures on the computer and you know? I'm just not super interested. I mean, don't get me wrong, I enjoy seeing the result, and I like seeing how the pictures start and how they end up, but the actual process? Eh. So I will grab JR and make her shop with me. There is also the Santa Barbara Film Festival this weekend, so I anticipate a movie or two in my future. The bachelorette party planning is going well. The Evite has been sent, the restaurant has been reserved. I've even bought my tickets and made a reservation at the hotel (here, which I'm excited about). One of my best friends from college and I are going to share a room, so we're going to pretend we're living in the dorms again (shout out, Mitchell Hall!). Good times.


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Hotel Helix? Now there is a very funky a good way :-) Doesn't sound like work is a heck of a lot of fun for you. Sorry about that. But its nice to see you back here ;-)

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