Thursday, December 16, 2004


So right at this very moment I should be finishing my Christmas shopping. And when I say "finishing", I mostly mean "starting". What the hell happened to me this year? Last night I went to the mall with the focused intention to buy things for other people. Do you know what I did? C'mon, take a wild guess. Yes, I bought shit for myself. Because I think I may be a bad person. As I was walking up to the counter, as I was handing off my credit card, even as I was walking out of the store with two bags full of clothes, I was thinking, "Self, you should totally put back this stuff and suck up the Christmas spirit of giving and you know, give". Alas, the part of me who likes to buy things for other people lost out to the part of me who likes to buy things for myself. There is always today, though! Except. Except, I have a business lunch I must attend, and....

Crap. This just in. The Peanut just called to say the gift that I gave him early (this, if you're interested) took a crap. The hard drive fried. And now that he's done some research he's decided that he doesn't want another one, which means that I have to think of something else to buy him in the next two days because we're having Christmas on Saturday (he's going to Mexico on Sunday for the week). Poop. This is an unfortunate turn of events.

More breaking news. I've consulted with my officemate's husband, and he's given me a fabulous idea. I shall not divulge it, though, because certain prying eyes will read this. I must do some research now and shop later. I'll let you know how it goes.

In further news, the Peanut has graciously fixed it so you do not have to log in to blogger to leave me a comment. Woo! Comment away!


Blogger Rude Cactus said...

Ok...come one...what is it? I hate it when gifts take a crap ;-)

1:28 PM  

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