Monday, October 25, 2004

A recap. Do enjoy.

Well. The past ten days have been a blur, but I shall try to recreate them for you as best as possible. I left for San Francisco last Friday morning with my co-worker, whom we'll call Junior League (in the best way possible, because I think she's super awesome. For real, though). JL and I had an absolutely fabulous day in SF, after getting some work crap out of the way. We did some shopping and then had drinks, before going to dinner at the Best. Restaurant. Ever. After the 5th glass of wine or so, things got silly. We ended up being there for about three hours, during which we consumed much cheese and bread and delicious other little tidbits, and then took a lovely little walk around the city. A good time was had by all. Saturday morning there was more shopping and eating and an $8 manicure that lasted, no shit, a full week. Alas, the fun came to end at about 3 on Saturday, during our first important conference meeting. Blah. Basically, the following four days went something like this: Wake at the crack of dawn. Stand in booth for eight hours at said conference. Talk non-stop to people who have the same questions over and over again but you totally have to sound fresh and interested because you want these people to come and work for you in a year when they've finished their residency. Go to job fair for two hours, where you talk to more people. About the same things. Over and over and over again. Go to hotel room for 3 minutes to change clothes, cry about your feet hurting, slap on cocktail attire that must include 4 inch heels even though you are totally dying. Go to cocktail party and schmooze some more. Don't eat dinner. Drink much wine. Fall into bed at midnight cursing your job and everyone you've talked to that day. Repeat. Four times. When I got back into town on Thursday I felt like a zombie (though not as cool as Chiara's zombie), but I had to come to work and talk about everything I had talked about during the conference. I seriously now hate the sound of my own voice. It kind of sucked because Thursday was my birthday (I am now officially in my early thirties. Fuck.), but I was not in a celebratory mood. Peanut had class Thursday night, but JR surprised me with the best cake ever, and a very cute Donna Karen bag. I was then further surprised by the Peanut who cut out of the class early to take me to dinner and shower me with presents (spa day...woo!). We did a more formal dinner on Friday night here, which was fabulous. The weekend was spent preparing all of the party favors for Vegas this weekend, which included bags full of candy for each guest (all 18 of them!), and blown up pictures of Big D's face glued to popsicle sticks with which to surprise him when he gets to the hotel to find us all there. I am so very excited about Vegas, as I will be the recipient of a big ass bonus check from work the day I leave, so hello blackjack, hello Sephora, hello bar tab. Ya gotta love Vegas.


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