Monday, October 04, 2004

The weekend wrap up

And how was your weekend? Mine was lovely, thanks for asking. Friday was the big BBQ bash on the beach that Peanut's company hosted. They went public on Thursday, so there was much to celebrate, and celebrate we did with not-the-best wine, suspicious beer (Island Brewing Company? Wha?) but some yummy food. If people want to have large quantities of wine on the cheap, why don't they ask me?? There are so many local wines that are not expensive and are quite good, but I digress. Peanut's co-workers are all quite fun, so we continued the party downtown at a bar, but I quickly found that I am totally getting old and that by 8 I really needed to go home (to be fair, we had been drinking since 1, so, you know, I'm not completely lame). Saturday after a lovely breakfast at the beach we went to the Avocado Festival , which was kind of a suckfest, but what can ya do? I took the adventurous route and tried some avocado ice cream (meh, not so good), but then changed my mind and tossed that in favor of a snow cone. It was tasty. Shaun of the Dead was all that I hoped it would be, in that while it was most certainly a romantic comedy with zombies, it was also really funny in that dry British wit sort of way. Two enthusiastic thumb's up. After the movie I was craving some comfort food, so we made an impromptu pasta feast. Well, really just some cheese ravioli and garlic breadsticks, but it was really quite delicious. I also did some damage with some Snackwell lemon cookies that night, but my stomach totally let me know how pissed it was for the following 24 hours. Sunday morning was Spinning, and then a trip down South with JR to find the perfect accessories for our Halloween costumes. We didn't have much luck, but I still spent $70 at Target. On nothing. How exactly does that happen?? In any case, I'm excited about Halloween, as we're going to this place, and I will be a naughty nun, and the Peanut will be a priest with some devilish accents. Good, good times. I'm trying to find exactly the right corset and fishnets that will make this costume fab, and I haven't had any luck yet. I shall persevere.


Blogger Danny said...

i watched shaun of the dead the other night as well, it was good fun. it was good to see a british comedy that isn't either satirical or brutally mean! good blog

11:17 AM  
Blogger Heather said...

I agree....very unique British film. Thanks for reading!

11:27 AM  
Blogger shmancypants said...

Does this mean that the P-nut is now rich thanks to the IPO? And if so, where is your diamond ring I want to see it right now.

Also: you will be positively luscious in your sexy nun costume! In fact, I think you should wear that to work and really impress your co-workers.

4:53 PM  

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