Friday, September 24, 2004

A Romantic Comedy, with Zombies

Today my boss was awarded some...award...for exemplary service. What this means to me is, expensed lunch at lovely fancy restaurant on the beach. And because all of the higher ups were there, as well as most of my department, it ended up being a three hour lunch. How great is that? I was sitting at my desk this morning wondering how the fuck I was going to make it through eight hours, and lo and behold, I didn't have to worry. I have one of those jobs where I am either insanely, insanely busy and stressed and overworked, or I am bored to tears. Sadly, I am in the bored-to-tears mode right now. I work far better under pressure and under the gun, so when I don't have that going on, I get into an "I hate my job and have to find another one immediately" frame of mind. That leads me to think about the fact that there really are not any jobs in Santa Barbara these days, at least none in my field, so that means that I have to think about moving some place else. Seattle comes to mind. San Francisco. I can't really consider moving back East because the Peanut is delicate and can't deal with the cold weather. Oh who am I kidding? Neither can I. I have floor to ceiling windows in my office, and 99% when I look out of them? I see blue skies and sunshine and loads of trees. I've become the most weather-spoiled person ever, and there is no turning back.
I am looking so forward to seeing the new John Waters film this weekend, because sex crazed housewives? Are funny. We also may see Shaun of the Dead, because the tag line is "A Romantic Comedy, with Zombies", and that makes me giggle. I am also out of things to read right now, so a nice long trip to the bookstore is in order, and because vegetables are good, a nice long trip to the Farmer's Market is in order, as well. It will be a good weekend.


Blogger Rude Cactus said...

No good movies on my end but I did spend a nice long time in a bookstore! Hope you found something good to read. You should join our book club if you aren't already a member!!

2:48 PM  

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