Thursday, October 07, 2004

Up on the soapbox

You know, I haven't talked much about the upcoming election here. I think it's mostly because when I try to articulate what and how I'm feeling, I get frustrated and angry and a touch of the mean reds. I am so absolutely terrified about what is going to happen on November 2. I am so utterly horrified at the possibility that he will be re-elected that I literally can't think straight. I watched the debate last week, and will watch again tomorrow. I watched as Kerry did an incredible job appearing strong and articulate and focused, while Bush looked dopey and resentful and struggled for his words. Struggled to address the simple questions posed to him; struggled to appear confident about our involvement in Iraq. I watched on Tuesday as Cheney said, with a straight face, "If we had to do it (Iraq) over again, we wouldn't change a thing". Jesus fucking Christ, Cheney, do you not have a TV?? Do you not read the newspaper? Do you not have intelligence in Iraq right this very moment reporting to you what a fucking nightmare it is?? I watched as both Bush and Cheney failed to respond to the fact that there is no connection between al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein. That there is no connection between Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. That we focused so much time and energy on hunting and capturing Saddam, that the hunt for bin Laden fell by the wayside. Why do they refuse to address these points? Do they really think that the American people are so dumb as to not know what is really going on? Ugh, and even as I typed that sentence, the sad fact remains that yes, there is a huge contingency of Americans that are so ignorant as to not question the authority and decisions of this administration, and that is sad. That is why the polls are showing (at this moment, in any case) that 49% of the votes are going to go to Bush. God.
The issues that are most important to me are the ones that affect me directly. Right off the bat, I would never, ever vote for a candidate that didn't believe whole-heartedly in a women's right to choose. EVER. We are just one Supreme Court Justice away from an overturned Roe-v-Wade, and that is not something with which I am willing to gamble. Even if he is re-elected and none of the Justices retire, he will still continue to chip away at Roe in whatever way he can. Also? If you crap all over the environment in favor of big business? Probably not going to get my vote, either. If you are the first president since Hoover to have lost more jobs than gained them in your first four years as president (I'm looking at you, Bush), I don't think I'd be casting my vote your way. And if you're opposed to gay marriage? Fuck off, because those opposed to gay marriage tend to base that decision mostly, if not wholly, on religion, and hello?? Separation of church and state, anyone? Listen, if you don't like Kerry, that's fine. Vote for a third party candidate. Shit, vote for Nadar, if you need to. Here's hoping for a celebration in 26 days rather than a funeral.


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