Friday, November 19, 2004

Scattered! Thoughts! About nothing!

Oh hi. How's it going? Great. I've been a total and complete slacker about writing as often as I'd like, and I intend to place the blame squarely on my job. I've barely spoken to any friends (ummm, K and J? Call me? Cause I love you guys?) and haven't really poked my head out into the real world all week. Well, there was that little spa day thing on Monday, but that was so long ago who can even remember?
So yeah, work is hectic. I've been eating like crap. I don't call, I don't write. I can't seem to get my ass to the gym because I've convinced myself that the holidays are upon us and why the hell should I go to the gym when I'm totally going to gain ten pounds anyway, right? Can I get an Amen?? Hello? Anyway, there are plans for the weekend, and next week is a three day week, and life is good for that. Tonight we're going to dinner with JR and Big D, and afterward we'll hang out at their house for libations. Tomorrow there is a shopping expedition planned for down South (woo! Target!), and Sunday I will lie around the house in my pjs and watch Netflix movies and DVR'd stuff and order food. Maybe Indian. Or Thai. I dunno. I'm making plans for what I'll bring to Thanksgiving dinner, but I'm already thinking that the Bourbon Mashed Sweet Potatoes are going to win out over the not as exciting pumpkin soup, although I heart pumpkin soup.
Well, this little entry has gone absolutely nowhere. I promise that something more cohesive is right around the corner. Kisses.


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