Thursday, December 09, 2004

Hey. Remember me? Yeah.

I just don't think it's fair that my job takes up so much of my time. Whose idea was this? I have phone calls to make and journals to read and entries to write, and none of it is happening because of my cursed job! It's poop, I tell you. Poop.
Let's see, what's been happening around these parts? Went to San Diego for Thanksgiving, and had good times. I think I may have gained at least 6 or 7 pounds in three days (yes it IS possible, I know it). We stayed at the Fun Cousins' house, where there were many, many cats (okay, four), and drank much wine and watched movies and shopped. We came home a day early so that we could have a nice relaxing time at home before coming back to work, which was the best idea ever. Then work blah blah work. Last weekend was the Peanut's company Christmas party, which was drunken and debaucherous, as always. It is always a little precarious to offer an open bar for seven hours to a bunch of folks who really like to drink. Alot. Hilarity ensued, though the Peanut needed to pass the fucking Courvosier rather than drink it, because vomit on the living room carpet? Not so much fun to clean at 3am, I'll tell you that for free. Our friend Sarah surprised us by coming down from San Francisco that night, and she and I and the Peanut and our friend Paul decided that the bartender should give us bottles (yes, multiple bottles, again and again) of champagne, because it was that kind of night. Saturday morning french toast cured all (and beignets, because it was that kind of restaurant), and the Peanut and I went to get our Christmas tree. Our giant, giant Christmas tree, which was such a bitch to drag up the stairs to our house. But once it was aglow with Christmas goodness, it was all worth it. I'm a total fucking asshat, and had to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas and drink eggnog while we decorated, but sadly the Peanut's hangover caught up with him right around nog time, and I ended up doing most of the tree trimming myself. One of my teetotaler office mates won a few passes to Christmas on the Wine Trail and, knowing our fondness for all things fermented, gave them to us. We headed up there on Sunday and it was a perfect, cold winter day (we don't see much winter around here, so I get kind of excited when it dips below 65), and we had wine and saw some music and ate yummy sandwiches. We came home early and watched movies with only the Christmas tree lights on, and it was a good day.
It was JR's birthday on Tuesday, so we went to our neighborhood hangout and snagged the sofas by the fireplace and had good, warm, fuzzy times. And cheesecake, because what good is a birthday without cake? I took JR to get her very first facial last night, to which she is now addicted. I was really passing on the facial goodness, because years ago, it seems, K and J got me my very first facial for my birthday, and it forever changed me. I'm hoping the same goes for JR. This weekend we have a party at one of the wineries we belong to, and instead of being really dumb and driving home that night we're going to stay in a B&B up north. I'm hoping there's a jacuzzi.


Blogger Rude Cactus said...

Sounds like a good couple days there...except for the whole puking on the carpet thing. I mean, that, I think you could safely skip and still have been able to maintain the fun-momentum of the weekend.

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