Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Thanks ever so much

I'm off to San Diego for the giving of thanks and whatnot. I'll be staying with the Very Fun Cousins, and drinking copious amounts of wine and eating lots of carbs and it will be fabulous. A shout out to the things for which I am thankful:

The Peanut, for putting up with me and being funny and smart and weird, sometimes all at once.
Spa days, because, well, do you really need a reason?
My momma, who is cute because she just got her first computer.
My new Coach bag, because I heart Coach.
My home, when it's clean and cozy and there are candles and music and the sun is setting over the beach a block outside of our window.
My new down comforter, that was most definitely made in some alternate universe especially for me.
My friends, for making me laugh and listening to me bitch and just being generally awesome.
The cheesecake at the Wine Cask.
Delicious wine.
Flying first class three times in the past few months because the airline gods smiled upon me, and it was good.

Oh, I'm sure there are lots of other things, but those are the highlights. I'm also really thankful to have this little blog. I may not have a ton of readers, but it's fun to write again (remember college? when we wrote all the time? what happened to that?). If you're one of my readers, and you are, because you're reading me this very moment, thanks. For real, tho.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Scattered! Thoughts! About nothing!

Oh hi. How's it going? Great. I've been a total and complete slacker about writing as often as I'd like, and I intend to place the blame squarely on my job. I've barely spoken to any friends (ummm, K and J? Call me? Cause I love you guys?) and haven't really poked my head out into the real world all week. Well, there was that little spa day thing on Monday, but that was so long ago who can even remember?
So yeah, work is hectic. I've been eating like crap. I don't call, I don't write. I can't seem to get my ass to the gym because I've convinced myself that the holidays are upon us and why the hell should I go to the gym when I'm totally going to gain ten pounds anyway, right? Can I get an Amen?? Hello? Anyway, there are plans for the weekend, and next week is a three day week, and life is good for that. Tonight we're going to dinner with JR and Big D, and afterward we'll hang out at their house for libations. Tomorrow there is a shopping expedition planned for down South (woo! Target!), and Sunday I will lie around the house in my pjs and watch Netflix movies and DVR'd stuff and order food. Maybe Indian. Or Thai. I dunno. I'm making plans for what I'll bring to Thanksgiving dinner, but I'm already thinking that the Bourbon Mashed Sweet Potatoes are going to win out over the not as exciting pumpkin soup, although I heart pumpkin soup.
Well, this little entry has gone absolutely nowhere. I promise that something more cohesive is right around the corner. Kisses.

Friday, November 12, 2004


Well, I'm back from almost a month straight of traveling. This week I was in Pennsylvania for a family reunion/birthday party, which was a good time. It is so interesting to go home, isn't it? I don't mean "home" in the sense of the house where my parents live, but "home" as in the town in which I grew up. It never fails to make me so very thankful that I got out of there when I did, because so many people just stayed and didn't go to college and had babies really young and work at Wal-Mart. It's insanity. I know that everyone has a path in life, but I feel so claustrophobic when I think of that life. I ran into an old friend who caught me up on some of our old crew, and I found out that one person who was really important in my life at one point is in jail, and a few people are dead.
It was so cool, though, to see my family all together. Some folks came from San Diego and Denver and Philadelphia, and we had a blast. My family is very laid back, so there was much food and drink and this and that. Good, good times. My grandpap, who turned 80 over the weekend (along with my dad, who turned 53), was so pleased that everyone made the effort to be there. I did some shopping, and momma and I went to lunch a few times. My sister and her boyfriend came from New Jersey with their ball of fur, Koda. The Peanut wasn't able to come back with me as he had a project due, so he was missed. In any case, I've been away from home for too long, and I am totally excited to have two whole weeks without a bit of travel. Peanut and I are going out with friends tonight, and then wine tasting, dinner and a movie tomorrow. I've also purchased a new down comforter that is the softest, fluffiest thing ever, and I can't wait to snuggle under it. Home is good.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Said and done

There is nothing that I can say that hasn't already been said. Here, for example. Or here. And here, too. I was so angry this morning, and now I feel just, well, sad. Sad and defeated. I'm heading to my parent's house back East for the rest of the week. Maybe when I come back I'll have a different, or at least more hopeful, perspective. Because right now? It ain't happenin'.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Vote, bitches!

Yeah. What I said.

Monday, November 01, 2004

So very. very. tired.

Am tired. Also? Cranky. I've slept about eleven hours in the past three days. This entry will not be witty, nor will it entertain (but totally keep reading! Because what else do you have to do?!). While I very much enjoy Las Vegas in all its debaucherous goodness, I do not enjoy the aftermath. And no, I don't think it's because I'm too old. Okay, it's totally because I'm too old, but jesus. I am at work now, and I really can't seem to string a sentence together, or even give the illusion that I care about what is going on. There was also a working lunch today, which means they have stolen my lunch hour, and I am bitter.
Vegas was awesome, we pulled off the big surprise (Big D had no idea where we were taking him when we picked him up on Friday, and had no idea that when we got to Vegas 15 of his friends would be waiting for him), and had a blast. I bought the most beautiful Coach bag I've ever seen (here, in brown, if you're interested in that sort of thing), and have found myself gazing lovingly at it several times today, even in my lack-of-sleep near coma that I am in. We went to the fabulous Fetish and Fantasy Ball, with a thousand or so attendees, and it was a good time. All of our costumes looked great (perhaps I will get the Peanut to post some pictures for your viewing pleasure), and I didn't go to sleep until 6am. Also? Am getting old.
I am getting on yet another plane on Wednesday to go back East for a family reunion/birthday thing. Hopefully I am recovered enough by then. Wish me luck.